is our passion

Such as every single piece of amber is unique also our works are all unique.

It’s always very fascinating what a piece of amber is going to be to, because also the piece itself determines what it will be.

“Old craftwork” transformed into modern design.


Beate & Andreas

In 2009 started our history and journey as amber cutter and jewelry designer.

We, Beate and Andreas moved from Germany to Denmark into the wonderful Vendsyssel (Northern Jutland).

Many years before we spent our summer holidays as tourists and fell in love with the country, the people and the Danish lifestyle.

We took over the workshop from our Danish friends who had worked with amber from 1978 until 2009.

Both of us are educated in the jewelry- and watch industry in Pforzheim/Germany and have been working there for many years.

We learned amber cutting from the former owner and this became our passion very quickly.

Inspiration and the materials for our jewelry, arts and crafts we find in the fantastic nature her in Northern Jutland.

Our inspiration

Our inspiration we find in the nature around us here in Jutland.

During our long walks along the seaside with blue skies or also sometimes with stormy weather we find many things which give us ideas and inspiration.

Our materials

Driftwood, seashells, wood and stones and of course amber we find on the beaches in Northern Jutland and these materials give us ideas and the possibility to make our unique pieces of jewelry.  The nature is amazingly creative and we try to transfer this into our pieces of jewelry. In addition to this we buy amber from the local fishermen and local people who collect amber on the beaches.

Your own personal design

You are welcome to come with your own idea and we try to help you to let get your dream of your own jewelry become real.

Have you been lucky and found your own piece of amber?

Just come around. We will transfer it into your own unique piece of amber or a sculpture.

"Big pieces of amber found on the “Husmoder-Beach” in Hirtshals got formed into a “herring”. Made by our local amber cutter “Rav-Værkstedet”

Look on the tail, which was made from the piece of amber lying beside the fish."

B&B by the sea - Hirtshals

Discover our workshop

Our workshop is filled with pieces of jewelry, our art and our sculptures.

Furthermore we have an exhibition of some very special and rare pieces of amber.

Special shapes and colours and pieces with insects. You will get a lot of information about amber.

Our beautiful shop 

Our shop is also our workshop at the same time. Here you have the possibility to look over the shoulder and watch how Andreas cuts, polishes and treats amber into a piece of jewelry.

In our garden with the flowers of the season you can enjoy a cup of good coffee during the summer season.

Relax in our glass house. Children will find a table where the can paint or play with Lego.

You can visit us as a group 

We  provide arrangements for companies, associations or other kind of groups.

We give a lecture about amber, how we work and about our shop and we are showing how we cut and polish amber.

Furthermore in July, on every Wednesday, we provide also lecture about amber.


During the year you can find us on different exhibitions in Denmark.

Moreover we participate on the “Amber-Festival” in Vejers/Southwest Denmark and on the Christmas Market in Lübeck / Germany.

You will find more information about exhibitions on Facebook and Instagram.

We are looking forward to see you.

Our business partners

There are a couple of constant business partners nearby where you can find a small selection of our amber jewelry.