Everything we produce, jewelry and sculptures, is handmade. Often made with local materials such as amber, seashells, stones and driftwood. Apart from that we exclusively use sterling silver and natural materials. We set value on quality and workmanship.

This is what makes our jewelry unique and give joy to our customers.

Our yewelry

Here you will find a small selection of our design.

Such as every single piece of amber is unique also our pieces and sculptures are all unique and there is only one piece. That will give you an insight of what we do and how it looks like.

At the same time you can find inspiration of how your own jewelry piece could look like.

To see our actual pieces you are welcome to visit us in our workshop (Link), visit us on one of the exhibitions (Link) or follow us on our social media.

Our amber chains

To wear a chain around your neck is an expression of your personality.

Our chains will helps you to find your very personal style.

Our amber bracelets

Already during the Viking time bracelets were worn as a symbol for power, strength and protection and also got used as a mean of payment.

Nowadays they are worn as jewelry and to enjoy them. We are sure that you will find yours in our shop.

Our amber pendants

A pendant decorates you and shows your good taste.

Our works underline you personality.

Our amber rings

Rings were worn already by our ancestors as a sign of power and solidarity. Nowadays we wear rings as jewelry and a sign of connectivity and love with someone.  Our rings are unique and for sure you will find your favorite one here.

Our amber earrings

Earrings had their place in our culture already since 5000 B.C.

Pirates, fishermen and Vikings wore them as a kind of payment for their own funeral in case they would die on the sea.  Nowadays earrings are still very popular to underline your own style or just as jewelry. Find yours in our shop.

Our sculptures

Sculptures are both decoration and jewelry.  It’s simply fascinating or just fun to look at them. But every time you look at them you will be glad and pleased about.  Beautify your home with one of our sculptures.

your own personal design

Customer`s design

Our customer are always welcome to get fulfilled their ideas of a piece of jewelry. Just come with your own ideas and we will love to help you with the manufacturing.

I got my wedding jewelry made by Andreas. Due to the personal touch and the special design of the jewelry it still gives me a beautiful memory of my wedding day.